Private Yoga

“I enjoyed my first ever yoga session with Cara so much, she’s amazing!

I’ve taken up yoga as a step towards a healthier lifestyle my flexibility is terrible, and I needed a solid, regular program to get myself flexible and supple for my Brazillian JuJitsu classes.

I took a private class with Cara, she listened to what I needed, assessed what level I was at, with my strengths and weaknesses and tailored a perfect program for me.

The class itself was great, Cara clearly cares about her clients, and gives the with a great positive, reassuring and non-judgemental energy. She constantly assessed how I was doing, and adjusted accordingly. So I was always just beyond my comfort level, which is exactly what you need, a gentle push in the right direction!

If not really considered yoga before, as it felt outside of my comfort zone and quite honestly, a bit feminine, but one session with Cara, I feel like I’ve had my arse kicked, I feel stronger all over, and very very happy, just like after a great workout.

I can see yoga is for everyone, and I’ve decided to do two sessions with Cara a week of the strength of one lesson. It was that positive and productive an experience.” – Mani Iqbal, Seven Sisters.