Public Yoga

Weekly Classes ( Open Level )

You are welcome to drop in to any class! Just bring yourselves and a mat!

Tuesdays / Seven Sisters/ 8.30pm – 9.30pm
Blighty India Cafe
N15 4AJ

Thursdays / Brixton / 10am – 11.30am
The Ritzy 

Sundays / Brixton / 10.30am – 11.30am
The Ritzy 

Please check the Ra Yoga Facebook page for any changes to regular classes…

“Cara is far and away the best yoga teacher I’ve had and I’ve been practicing for years. Her clarity of description has helped me understand where I was going wrong, and she corrected my downward dog so that I can actually feel why we do it now… My yoga frustrations have changed into yoga possibilities!
The hint of strength training and Ashtanga has improved my technique and strengthened my core. And if nothing else, I have Cara to thank for teaching me how to do my first ever head stand!” – Bec Mounsey, Brixton

“I adore my Ra yoga journey with Cara. She has a beautiful soul and she imbues her classes with humour, grace and a deep understanding of yoga. She is supportive and encourages me to go beyond my comfort zone. I laugh as I do so, as her lessons are full of joy and after class, her magical fingers aid my rest in savasana and then I get to experience the best ginger tea there is, gratis!! Her classes are unique.” – Natasha Bain, Brixton

“I clicked with Cara’s classes from the get go. Her style of teaching is so warm, friendly and authentic that its infectious and the classes always have a lovely atmosphere. Because Cara is playful and creative with the yoga she teaches it means every class feels new and she gives you the confidence to try new things. In short, Cara is one of the greats and Ra yoga has inspired my yoga practise!” – Hannah Ward, Yoga Teacher, Clapham

“Cara is a wonderful, fun, caring yoga teacher, who challenges the body and mind through her Ra Yoga Classes. I always feel balanced and a sense of achievement when I have completed a class with her. I highly recommend her teaching practice and her open level classes – her approach is everyone can do yoga!” – Ann Wilson, Yoga Teacher, Brixton

“It was pure serendipity that led me to Cara’s ‘Ra Yoga’ class at the Ritzy (I was just booking a film!) but I knew instantly she was the teacher I had long been searching for. The class is varied and challenging (always taking your level into consideration) – fun and uplifting. I am really happy with the way my practice is improving under Cara’s expert guidance and feel amazing after class. A truly beautiful spirit, I highly recommend a weekly dose of Cara’s yoga magic!” – Gabs Ram, Brixton


“I got introduced to yoga by Cara when I took a class with her at the Tribe of Doris Summer School. I later went on to attend her classes regularly in Brixton and it’s been the highlight of my Sundays ever since!

Cara’s classes are great if you are new to yoga (and if you are experienced!) because she caters for everyone’s needs in the class, adjusting the poses and giving different options to suit different abilities. You never feel left out as she is so attentive to everyone in the class regardless of their level of experience.
She is so friendly and approachable and I would highly recommend her classes, especially if you’ve never tried yoga before. You will get hooked I am sure!” – Dima Abdo, Clapham