ra yogamono

Hi peaceful warriors!

The joy of taking part in a class can be quite simple. Letting your breath deepen and influence your movement, challenging yourself to understand each pose within your own body, overcoming something you weren’t sure you could do, watching your strength and posture build, or even just arriving in a room, taking your mat and making that hour or so for yourself can be a wonderful feeling.

Classes range from 1hr – 1.5hrs and are different every week to keep your practice on it’s toes and evolving. At public classes, homemade hot ginger tea and some massage can be a feature as well as optional partner work. Music can be very effective for sinking further into your practice so I will usually provide something hypnotic, or drone-like to assist tuning into the space but hopefully not to distract from feeling.

Teaching styles from teacher to teacher vary greatly and it’s important to find the right one for you! So to give you a little description; I am teaching the kind of class I would like to attend, I would say above all I love the fundamentally uplifting aspect of movement. Putting together sequences that flow, strengthen, challenge, take care of and assist mobility. Every class can be personalised by options on almost all poses, props to help you which are provided, and you are encouraged to take rest whenever you feel.  If I can provide a space where you can work as hard as you want to, on your strength and your peace in a lighthearted environment then I’ll feel I have done my job!

C x